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Home Appraisal 101

Real Estate Planning with Anna Manning

· Sellers Tips

A home appraisal is an inspection of your property that will help to determine a realistic selling price and to identify opportunities that will make your property as marketable as possible.

Anna will provide you with a comparative assessment of your property’s value based on recent sales and figures in your local neighbourhood. For best analysis, Anna arranges to visit your property so she can determine the key selling points and value guideline for your property. She will go through every room in your home as part of the process, making notes to establish the features and benefits that will assist in selling the home.

It is valuable, but not necessary, if you are able to supply information including:

  • A plan of your property which will give the exact size of the land your home is constructed on.
  • Lists and age of special features such as ‘smart wiring’, alarm system, heat pump or ducted vacuum system. These type of features can impact the selling price.
  • Any improvements you have made to the property which may not immediately be apparent: ie, garden, irrigation, insulation etc.

The information that Anna collects from the appraisal will then be used to develop a marketing campaign that will correctly position the property in the marketplace.

If Anna identifies any aspect of the property that could be improved to maximise its market appeal, she will advise you accordingly. Any recommendations made are based on a specific cost benefit.