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Should I drop the Price?

Real Estate Planning with Anna Manning

Will I or won’t I accept the offer?

By law, all offers, irrespective of price levels, must be submitted to you by your agent. Each one is a sure sign of interest and is normally only a starting point in negotiations. To say no to an offer is better than no offer at all.

It is important to not be personally offended by an offer, should it be below your expectation.
You can simply so no to an offer, and you then wait for another offer. Remember, Anna will work with you, discuss your options and always work towards getting the best possible result from the sale of your property.

Should I drop the price?

The asking price should be looked upon as the starting point in the negotiations. If there are no offers however, or not enough inspections, it is worth reviewing the asking price.

If you don’t respond to market conditions and responses, then it will be difficult to sell your property when there are other similar properties in the area selling that Buyers see as better value. When considering whether to modify the asking price of your property, it’s vital that you compare your property to the actual sale price of other properties that have been sold, as opposed to those properties still on the market.