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Your Open Home

Real Estate Planning with Anna Manning

Open homes are an easy and relaxed way for house hunters to inspect a home and access the interest to them without the need to make an offer on the property.

They are also convenient to owners who have busy lives as they allow them to focus on making the home highly presentable on a few specific occasions, rather than trying to keep a home spotless everyday.

Open homes are usually on a Sunday and vary in duration but are usually 30 minutes. There are times additional inspections may be required with a highly interested buyer or those seeking a further inspection but these will be by arrangement with you.

What should I do during home inspections?

Buyers will spend more time at the property if you are not present as they can talk to the Agent without fear of being heard by you as home owners.

Rest assured, Anna will know the features and finer points of your property and is well trained to present those features to an interested Buyer.

Ask Anna to assist and explain how this marketing and presentation time can be maximised to gain the best results. Efforts made with this strategy and other property marketing strategies as they are introduced, will assist to help you move in with your plans faster.

To prepare for an open home you should:

  • Minimise your personal effects so potential buyers can visualise their belongings in the home, ie putting away your personal photos.
  • Secure your valuables such as jewellery and money.
  • Make arrangements to have your pets stay at a friend’s house.
  • Brighten up your home with fresh flowers and fruit.
  • Make sure the house smells pleasant.
  • Ensure exteriors and interiors are looking their best.
  • Create an atmosphere with low volume, easy listening music in the background.

Anna will be in touch with you after each open home to provide feedback and will also talk with you during the week to keep you informed on the market conditions and comments, as well as providing a written report of all actions and activities. Depending on your preference, Anna can contact you daily, weekly or fortnightly with updates – it’s up to you!

Please accept the need for us to be truthful with you. This is in your best interests and the feedback can offer ways to move forward and address any market concerns. Often a negative comment can be turned to create a positive selling strategy.